Sexy Batch Baking Company

A craft service & micro-batch baking company in New York City

A craft service & micro-batch baking company in New York City.

The Lemondoodle - Seasonal! (Baker's Dozen)


The Lemondoodle - Seasonal! (Baker's Dozen)


The Lemondoodle is normally available during the fall and winter months, just in time to counter those cold weather blues.

Only Meyer lemons, that gorgeous crossbreed of lemon and Mandarin orange, have the right balance of sweet/tart for the famed Lemondoodle.  Each cookie is packed with enough Meyer lemon zest to brighten anyone's day.

While eating these cookies, consider sipping seltzer, white or green tea, or a sprightly white wine.

Sold by the baker's dozen - 13 cookies.


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Ingredients: Flour, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Butter, Eggs, Meyer Lemon Zest, Cornstarch, Baking Soda, Salt

This item contain gluten, eggs and dairy, and is prepared in a kitchen that processes nuts, legumes, dairy, eggs, gluten, and other potential allergens.  Although every effort is made to prevent cross contamination, items may have trace amounts of these allergens.

All items are handmade in the Sexy Batch Kitchen. 

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